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Drop-off and Pick-up procedures
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Wednesday, August 08, 2018


Safety Procedures for Pick-Up and Drop-Off



Student Drop-Off Mornings:   For the safety of all our students, parents are not allowed to enter the school building in the morning to eat breakfast with their child or go to morning recess with them. All students will need to be dropped off by car, bus, or walk/bike. Our school has 15 staff members on duty each morning in specific areas starting at 7:40 to ensure the proper supervision and safety of your child. Please help us maintain a safe school for all students by following our guidelines for morning drop off safety.


Option #1:        Students may be dropped off in the north loop between our two buildings. Please exit Iowa Street and enter the new loop going south. When you get to the overhang your child may enter through the new north café doors. Please unload two cars at the same time. After your child is dropped off proceed ahead and exit to your left. Please watch for buses entering the school. This loop closes at 8:00 and a gate will be closed.


Option#2:         Students may be dropped off in our west playground gate. The students can play at morning recess or go through the school doors to eat breakfast.


Option #3:        Students may be dropped off in the front of the main school after 8:00 when buses have cleared. Students are not allowed to be dropped off in front of the building from 7:30- 8:00. This is for buses only.


Please do not drop your child off anywhere else than option #1, #2, or #3 and have them walk up to school. This is unsafe and unsupervised.


Parents are allowed in school building in the mornings to conduct normal school business such as meetings with principal or teachers. All parents are to check into the office first.


Breakfast line is closed at 8:05.


Please have students at school by 8:00 each day. The morning recess bell rings at 8:05 and the students will be going to their classrooms. The tardy bell rings at 8:15.


Pre-K parents are allowed to walk their child to breakfast, morning playground, and to class the first two days of school. Then after that Pre-K parents are not allowed to enter the school.


Student Pick-Up Afternoons:  

 Iowa Street will be a one way street going east from 2:30-3:30 each school day. We hope by making it a one way street going east it will be the safest for parents and students, help the traffic flow go smoother, and be more convenient for parents. 


Parents do not walk up to the school and pick your kid up in the hallways, gym, classrooms, between buildings, or outside the building doors. This is a huge safety concern for all of our students. I know it is easier for parents to do this, but it is not safe for our students. All students will go home by car line, school bus, and school supervised walkers and bike riders. We do not want to be rude or disrespectful, but any parents that show up in these areas will be asked to get in a car line and pick their child up there. Getting 400 students home safe each day is no small undertaking. It takes a lot of organization from the school and help from the parents to get our students home safe. Student safety is our #1 concern at all times!!


Siblings: In families that have more than 1 student attending school you can pick all your children up at the same time in the car line. The school will get the younger siblings to the oldest sibling’s classroom and they will be car riders in the same spot.


North LotPre-K and Kindergarten students will be dismissed at 3:00 p.m.  Please exit off Iowa Street going east and pull into the west entrance. Pull up past the front doors and stop at the first staff person on duty. We will load 4 students at a time. Leave by looping around the parking lot and exiting on Iowa going east to Mitchell Road. 


West Playground Gate- Please form a line heading west. Pull in the drive between the middle school and auditorium and head west by our playground gate. First car pick-up will be about 5 cars west of the gate.


North Loop - 3rd & 4th will be picked up at 3:20. Please exit Iowa Street and enter south on the new loop. When you get to the café doors stop and your child may enter the vehicle. After your child is picked up proceed ahead and exit to your left. Please watch for buses entering the school.


Walkers/Bike Riders: Students who walk home or ride a bike will meet a school staff member by the library south door. When all kids get assembled a staff member will safely walk the students out of the building and across Walnut Street as one big group.


Office Pick Up: Students may not be checked out of school early to avoid car lines. All students will go home by car, bus, or walker/bike. Students will only be checked out of school from 2:30-3:30 for an excused reason such as doctor’s appointments or family emergencies.


Bus Pick Up: Buses will be in front of the building starting at 3:20. Please do not park in front of the school at this time. Buses will leave at 3:25 each day.


Our Early Childhood Center is a locked and secured building at all times. Parents please come to the main elementary school office for your child’s needs. We will get your child for you or deliver anything to them that they need.


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